Armored Warfare Review

We review one of the best free online games on the internet. If you love video games and free then this is the game for you.


I am a sucker for any type of war games whether it is old school Wolrd War 2 games like Metal of Honor or Call of Duty 1 -3 (which were awesome btw) or modern day war like Call of Duty or Battlefield if it looks like a war game Im in. I am also a fan of strategy games like civilization. So when Armored Warfare came out I was excited because it has two of my most favorite thing war video game and free. Yes this game is free to play, all you need is a computer and thats it.

What makes Armored Warfare different from other war games is of course you play in a tank. Yes games like Call of Duty and Battlefield lets you ride a tank but that is only the small part of the game while Armored Warfare you’re in a tank shooting shit up all the time.

It is so refreshing playing this game because the amount of depth this game has and how technical it can be yet it is for free. Today  where so many video game companies are trying to take the money out of their consumers money this game is giving away for free.

Although I am a console player I do love my PC games and this is one of my favorite. If you’re not too familiar with PC game try Armored Warfare its free and of course fun!!!


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