Disney Movie Club Review

A look at Disney Movie Club and how to get the latest Disney Movies

Join the Disney Movie Club and get 4 movies for $1!

Disney Movie Club is a great investment for those who purchase movies on Blu Ray and DVD as it offers you the best new movies at reasonable prices. Disney Movie Club’s format often seems like a good deal up front with a reasonable commitment after its reward. If one buys nine or more Disney movies for about two years, they may end up saving a good amount of money at the end. Having a well detailed look at the way of operation and offers given by the Disney Movie club, gives one a clear picture of how it really makes sense to an individual who may be looking to build a collection of movies or maybe add to an existing one.


As a member of the Disney Movie Club, all that one is required to do is purchase 5 movies using the regular Club prices within 24 months, beginning at $19.95 for each DVD and $29.95 for every Blu-ray for anyone who acquires membership under the DVD enrollment offer. For those who join under the Blu Ray enrollment offer, they start at $29.95 per Blu Ray and $29.95 per DVD. The processing and shipping charges are $3.95 for each order’s first title and $1.49 for every additional title in the same order.

If one subscribes to the newsletters of Disney, they will get links for joining the club with an offer to get 4 Blu Rays or DVDs for $1.Typically, one is able to order four Disney movies up front for only $1 with charge free shipping. The movies will then be received after 2-4 weeks. Afterwards, an individual has two years to fulfill a commitment that needs them to purchase 5 more movies at regular club prices of $29.95 per Blu Ray and $19.95 per DVD for those under the DVD enrollment offer while those under Blu Ray enrollment offer will receive charges of $29.95 per DVD and $29.95 per Blu Ray.

It is important to note that as a member, the club will send you an email every moth with the movie that is the pick of the month. They will choose a movie for you and allow you the option of accepting or declining it. If you do not give a response, the club will send the movie to you automatically and it will be added to your bills. Therefore, as a member, it is very vital to be keen on the emails.


Once a member has fulfilled their commitment of buying 5 movies, they are allowed to cancel their membership at any time or progress as a VIP member. The VIP membership is free and allows you to get special discounts and deals on future purchases and also weekly deals on given selling movie.

One of the benefits of the being a VIP member is that you are also able to receive hands on Disney pins only meant for members. If an individual is a pin collector or trader, the perk Disney Movie Club more fun and desirable.


After receiving your initial DVDs’ shipment, you are able to join the Disney Movie Rewards Club which has several great free offers and perks.

· Disney Store Gift card worth $10

· A free Movie ticket

· A free Sully Hat that has built-in gloves worth $30

· Free crafts and stickers

· About three more free DVDs


With more amazing movies yet to hit theaters soon, movie lovers should be sure to enroll with the Disney Movie Club and experience its great benefits. With the added benefits of the VIP membership after fulfilling the Club’s commitment, Disney fans will definitely enjoy much more including great deals and discount on their movie purchases.

Join the Disney Movie Club and get 4 movies for $1!

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