Gamefly free trial review

A look at Gamefly free month trial. We review Gamefly cost after the free month & how much it is. We explain how Gamefly works like their sign up, login & support.


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Are you an online video game enthusiast? Well, if the answer is yes then you will have to try Gamefly. Its dynamics are similar to Netflix DVD-by-mail program. There is a monthly client sign up membership. This will entitle you to renting an unlimited number of your favorite video games online. Your selections are send to you via your e-mail and you are at liberty to keep the selected games for as long as you want. When you lose the interest to continue keeping the game, you can send it back through prepaid postage.

The next game on your list is then send to you. You are able to rent one or two games subject to the plan you signed up for. In addition, the great Gamefly has no late fees or due dates and cancellation by members is at any time.

There are 8000 titles covering all main gaming platforms. The current available games are for Playstation 3 and 2, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox, Gamecune, Gameboy Advance and NintendoDS. The new keep feature will allow you to retain the game you rent if you love it. This is possible via purchases at a discount. You will then receive an instruction manual and a retail box by mail. Gamefly is a super platform that allows you to try out as many games as possible before deciding what you want to buy.


<<Click Here To Get A Free Gamefly Trial>>

Shipping is very convenient to all. You will be served by four shipping centers located in different places in the US hence receiving your selection will not be affected by your residential area. If you sign up as a member you can receive a long-term membership reward thus your purchases will be at a special discount rate. Furthermore, game information plethora is provided. These include things such as; reviews, cheat codes, user ratings and walkthroughs.

You will enjoy a number of free trial coupons from Gamefly offered using a 30-day basis. Here are the current membership options that you can choose from as you love free Gamefly trial:

One month free 1 game out.

This is an option that allows you to start paying $15.95 from the second month onwards. It is the best alternative for you if you do not wish to play numerous games. You will be able to try a single game at a time. Please note that you might receive some games that you do not like thus you will have to send them back immediately. As a result you may lack something to play as your next delivery is prepared.

Two games out in the 1 month for $10.

The option that you will have is to pay $22 from the second month onwards. If you are an active gamer then this is what you should go for. The plan will cost $7 more but it is worth it. You will play twice as many games as one who picks the other plan.

Gamefly Digital.

This is a feature that will enable you buy numerous Mac and PC games. It is usually for immediate download thus you can enjoy free Gamefly trial to its maximum. Please note that even with the best internet connection; game download might take hours in most cases. You are advised to purchase your game during late evenings. This will make sure that you start your download and let it run overnight. You will be able to enjoy your game the following morning.

Benefits of Gamefly

Not only is gamefly give you a free month to try out there service but it is only 15 dollars a month. With today’s average games being 60 dollars having gamefly is a huge benefit. Let’s be honest but most games are not worth 60 dollars. I have bought many games in the past & beat in like 2 weeks with all the side quests. There arent a lot of games nowadays that is worth the purchase unless you are buying an Elder Scrolls game or Dark Souls. It is a lot better to pay 15 bucks for a game than 60 if you ask me. Even if you keep the game for 2 months you are stilling saving money. It will take 4 months of gamefly service in order to pay for one single game. Even if you like the game you have the option to buy out the rest of what you owe on it. Stop buying games from gamestop for 60 dollars just to resell it to them for a quarter of the price.

In conclusion, Gamefly should be your gaming destination. Enjoy your free time playing quality games at affordable prices. There isnt a game that your wont find in their stock. It doesnt matter if it is old or new Ps3 or Ps4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One you will find it. Even if you are on the fence about Gamefly services try it out for free. There’s no risk or commitment so you have nothing to worry about. Go ahead & get the game you want. The weekends will never be boring with Gamefly.

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