Top 10 Best Dreamcast Games

One of my favorite consoles of all time it is a tragedy how it went out. Some of my favorite games of all time was on the Sega Dreamcast. We pay tribute to this awesome console.

10. Crazy Taxi

One of the launch titles for the Dreamcast, it was just plan fun. The game didn’t have a complex gameplay or story but it didn’t need it. This game achieve the number one rule you need in a video game & that is fun! Video games sometimes forget that is the most important factor to a game. Crazy Taxi was just a simple game you can turn on & go crazy.

9. Power Stone

Another game that brings in the fun factor. Granted it is not as deep as Street Fighter or other fighting games but whenever I played this game I had a blast. If you had three other people to play with you can spend hours battling. This was the Smash Bros of Dreamcast.

8. Ready2Rumble

I would put Dreamcast up there with the N64 as one of the best consoles with multiple games. This game was just fun & was so satisfying knocking someone out. This isn’t your typical Fight Night, but who care if it involves KO’s. This is what happen when bring in Street Fighter into boxing.

7. Grandia 2 

One of the best best rpgs when it comes to gameplay & battle themes. This game’s battle system probably the best ever made. It felt like a chess match & you need to think before making your next move. The battle theme gets you so hyped when you are facing a dangerous boss.

6. Tony Hawk


Tony Hawks started on the Dreamcast & what a start it had. It is kinda sad how it ended up with Tony Hawk 5 & all but it still left some good memories. The first time going up & down that ramp felt so special & with the background music you had one fun ass game.

5. Jet Set Radio

A game ahead of it’s time, Jet Set Radio showed you the true power on the Dreamcast. When it first came out the graphic & gameplay was never seen before. I was amazed on how sooth everything was. It was so much fun going around spray painted the walls & running away from the cop.

4. Soul Caliber 

This game was a real answer to Playstation’s Tekken. What is a game better than martial arts? A fighting game with weapons. I love playing with Knightmare & swinging that huge sword around. Everyone would find a character that they can relate to enjoy.

3. Shenmue

This game put you through a rollercoaster. Til this day there hasn’t been a more emotional story than Shenmue. Its hard to say what kind of game it was because it was a mix of everything. The creator just knew how to get so invested into the storyline. I wish they didn’t though because I’m still waiting for part 3.

2. Skies of Arcadia

This is one of my favorite rpgs of all time & my first. The gameplay wasn’t the most complex & the story wasn’t either but it was just plain fun. I felt like I was on a giant adventure. I loved the universe I was in, the sky pirates, island floating in the sky & the ship battles. I played this game over & over again I still don’t get bored. After playing so many different rpgs this is still my favorite.

1. Marvel vs Capcom 2 


Is it a surprise this is number 1. One of the most famous & played fighting of all time. People still play this game til this day in competitive tournaments. This game made friendships but also end them. The point of the game is to find the cheapest tactic to win. There are so many different characters to pick from  but you had to pick the right team because they have to work together. Although there are so many different ports for this game the Dreamcast is the most famous.

There is my list for the best games on Dreamcast. Even though it was not a success & Sega last console, it was still one of my favorite. It brought me so many great memories & there are many more games I just loved that isn’t on the list.

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