Top 10 PS1 RPGs

It can be argued that the Playstation 1 did have the best rpgs. This is my list on the best rpgs on the Ps1.

10. Legend Of Dragoon

One of the more underrated Rpgs for the PS1. I do believe it was overlooked because it came out at the end of the PS1 life. The game had so much depth to it from the gameplay to story. Unlike other rpgs it had a darker tone to it which made it stand out for me. If you get yourself a chance then do yourself a favor and play this game!!!

9. Star Ocean 2

hands down this has to be the best Star Ocean game. This game had everything I want in an rpg great battle system, great cast and story. The game had a character with two dragons on his back enough said!!!!

8. Valkyrie Profile


One of the main reasons I loved this game is the battle system. The crazy combos you can do is endless. Aside from the gameplay the story is very in depth and a bid of tear jerker when see the backstories of some of the characters.

7. Tales of Eternia 

Out all the Tales series that came out in the Ps1 this one was my favorite and actually it is in my top 5 of the series.  There wasn’t anything special about the game per say but the character and the interactions really made the game.

6. Crono Cross

Ok so Chrono Cross was not nearly as good as Cross Trigger and I believe it hurt the game by making it a sequel. With that being said I did enjoy the game and massive amount of character to recruit.

5. Xenogears

I would have put this high on this list because Disc 1 is one of the best gaming I ever experienced but then I played Disc 2. The second I got to disc 2 I lost interest in the game. One of the main reason is the narrating & lack of human battles (Yes I enjoyed human battle over the machine battles). As much as I loved Disc 1, disc 2 just ruined the game for me.

4. Final Fantasy 7   

Wait a Ps1 rpg list and Final Fantasy 7 is 4th?! Yes it is and as much as I love FF7 there others that I felt were better. Granted it is still one of the best rpg I have played and Final Fantasy games.

3. Grandia

There is no better battle system in any jrpg than Grandia. I loved the story and characters but the battle system is what made me love this game. It was different from other rpgs because you had to be calculated to win a boss fight. Like how you can cancel an enemy attack by using critical attack. I just wish they make another.

2. Lunar 2

One of my favorite rpgs of all time. I just loved this game from the story, the characters and of course the gameplay. At first I didn’t like the game because of the graphics but once I got past it I fell in love. Do yourself a favor and if you did play this game do it.

Final Fantasy 9

This is my favorite Jrpg of all time. This game had everything I wanted in a rpg. It does suck it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves because it did come out at the end of the ps1 life. Although it is not as popular as the other Final Fantasy games it is still in my opinion the best.

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