Top 10 Snes Rpgs

The Snes has had the best rpgs ever made. Some might argue that it had the best rpg of all time. We take a look at the top Snes rpgs.

10. Secret of Mana

One of the more underrated Rpgs on the Snes. I didnt play this game until 15 years after it came out. I was too young to truly understand the game, but once I got my hands on it I didnt let go.

9.  Orge Battle

Another gem that came from the SNES that many might not know about. Granted I do feel like this game is for a niche audience but still is a great game if you give it a chance. It trues to be different and it is rewarding to play.

8. Lufia 2

Its too bad this was the final game of the series but this was one of the better rpgs also on the snes. I love the gameplay and battle system.

7. Breath of Fire 2

I was sold on this game with just by playing a dog. This rpgs is the definition of an adventure. From the crazy characters you meet to the villains this game had it all.

6. Tales of Phantasia 

This is still one of my favorite from the Tales series. One of the main reason is for the characters. I just loved how they interact with another. Although the story fairly simple I just sit back and enjoyed the ride.

5. Final Fantasy 5

It sucks this game never had a US release on the Snes because it was a damn good game. I just loved the classes you pick from mage to a knight. This is for the old school players though because you will be grinding your ass off. This has to be one of the most underrated Final Fantasy titles.

4. Final Fantasy 4

A classic rpg to the Snes and it was ahead of its time. It might not seem like a big deal but this game had a deep story at its time. Questioning your actions as a hero and trying to correct those wrongs made this game very deep.

3. Mario Rpg 

Its almost not fair how many successful franchises Mario has. I would have never thought an rpg would be added to the list but it is considered by mnay as one of the best rpgs out there. Is still wonder they never made a sequel or even a remake since it was popular and successful.

2. Final Fantasy 6

Some say this is the best Final Fantasy game of all time and they do have a case. This game had everything from story to character and one of the greatest villains of all time Kefka. You cant call yourself a Final Fantasy fan without playing this game.

1. Chrono Trigger

Is there a surprise that this game is number 1? No game had more releases than Chrono Trigger. This game won me over because of the artwork alone but this game is nearly perfect with the character battle system & of story.

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