Top 10 Xbox Games

I feel like everyone forgets about Xbox. There was plenty of awesome games on that console. Actually my favorite game of all time was on the Xbox & you will find out which on the list. 

10. Fable

Yes I am adding Fable to the list. I know it has its faults like the developer lying his ass off about the gameplay, but that aside I did enjoy the game. I feel like I would have enjoyed it more if my expectation wasn’t so high. It still had great gameplay & there are plenty of fun builds to make.

9.  Ninja Gaiden

There hasnt been a game that made me destroy more controllers than this one. This was a hard game & played all the Dark Souls games. Even the first boss was just ridiculously hard. It is not for everyone only for the hardcores. Although I enjoyed the game I couldn’t beat it because it was just too stressful lol.

8. The Chronicles of Riddick

This is one of my favorite first person shooters. This game had such a great balance from stealth to straight action. I loved how you had to go around he prison, sneak around guards & take people out. One of my favorite things in the game is how you healed, it was the most painful to do so. It does bum me out that this game did not get the spot light it deserves.

7. Oddworld Odessey

One of the weirdest game I ever play but still really fun. It wasn’t your typical platformers games. It require to think how to get through obstacles. The game was a giant puzzle & you needed to think really hard to figure it out.

6. Psychonauts

The game that turned into a cult classic. One of the funniest & fun games I ever play, Psychonauts gave you a different experience in the platform genre. Although it was a commercial success, it did live on through their fans. A game ahead of its time it deserves to make it on the top 10 list.

5. Elder Scrolls Morrowind 

This game was my introduction to the Elder Scroll series & what an introduction. This game does not hold your hand like its sequels. Theres no fast travel & you have to find everything yourself. If you have a lot of time on your hand then this is a great game to play.

4. Tony Hawk Underground

Although this game was released on the PS2 I put it on the list because it was a better experience for me on the xbox. One of the cool features on the Xbox is that you can upload your CDs to the consoles. With Tony Hawk Underground you can play your music in the background.

3. Jade Empire

One of the best rpgs I have ever play this is a must. This game got everything right from story to gameplay & characters. With the good & evil system & different types of classes you can play this game so many different ways. If you love rpgs & classic Chinese martial arts this is the game for you.

2. Halo

Arguably the best launch game of all time. Everyone was talking about this game when it first came out. I remember the first time I got out of the shuttle & say the massive open land. You had to play this game with a friend on co op & if you didnt you are missing out.

1.  Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic

Not only si this game my favorite Xbox game but it is also my favorite game of all time. I forgot how many time I have played this game & i’m not even a Star Wars fan. This game had everything from story, characters, awesome side quests to gameplay. Even after 13 years after release I still havent played a game that I enjoyed more.

There you have my top 10 list for the original Xbox. This was Microsoft’s first console & I think they did a really good job but of course I can’t say that for Xbox One.


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