Top 5 Game Of Thrones Characters That Should Be in Mortal Kombat

Being a big fan of Game Of Thrones I saw character I thought would be great a guests in Mortal Kombat. Hell some of these character had performed fatalities on the show. Here are the top 5 GOT characters I would love to see in the MK Universe.

5. Hodor & Bran

I know they’re concept is similar to Ferra/Torr, but I still find it awesome. Of course it would be different as Bran would not fight but he will be controlling the giant.

One of the main reasons I would Hodor & Bran on the list because they perform a fatality when Hodor picked up Locke from his neck & snapped his neck.

4. Ramsay Snow

One of the biggest bastards in GOT & that says a lot I feel like he will be a great fit for Mortal Kombat. Although we have not seen too much of his combat skills he is still a very capable. The main reason I put him on the list because how statistic he is. I can see his fatalities involve his hounds eating his victims or even worse flaying them.

3. Night King 

I don’t think I got to explain why this guy is on the list. He is pretty much Sub-zero & Quan Chi mixed into one. He is probably on of the strongest character in the series. His look alone should be enough to get him into Mortal Kombat. Not much is none about his combat skills but I pretty sure he is a badass. His fatality would involve his undead army attacking the poor souls and ripping them to shreds. Another idea is that he kills his opponent & turn him or her into an undead army.

2. The Mountain

This is a no brainer. One of the scariest characters in the series would be a perfect fit in Mortal Kombat. You can’t make a mistake against this guy because 1 hit is enough to end your life. Almost every scene he was in he killed somebody. He even did a fatality on the show when he fought the Red Viper.

How awesome would it be in Mortal Kombat to see the Mountain slam someone on the ground put his giant thumbs into their eye socket & pop their head like a zit.

1. Khal Drago


This guy looks like a Mortal Kombat character. This guy is just scary looking & I would not want to go one on one with this guy. Every screen he was in I felt like he was gonna kill someone in a brutal fashion. He had the craziest kill in the show next to the Mountain when he ripped a poor soul tongue out of his throat. It was just brutal to watch. I can see Khal Drago rip the tongue of his victim holding it as a trophy.

So there you have it my top 5 character I would love to see as guests in Mortal Kombat. I was hoping to see the tongue rip or head pop would appear as a fatality for an easter egg but to my disappoint it did not. I hope maybe in Mortal Kombat 11.

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